Run your fingers over the stones

Why walk out the front door? At home there’s the internet; you’re on it right now in fact.  You can buy everything you need on it, including groceries, you can run a home-business on it or get an online education, you can interact with friends, and you can watch videos of the amazing places in the world.  All in your pajamas!

So why leave? Because the computer can’t blow your hair back like the wild wind.  Because you can’t hug your internet friend, and for an instant feel their heartbeat.  Because the internet is, at its core… ordinary in this day and age.  Anyone and everyone can look at the colosseum, but if you walk out that door and just keep on walking, you can run your fingers over the aged stones and stand above a massive crowd.

So really, humans at leisure still leave the home because we can, not because we need to.



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