No Candles Allowed

I live in a dorm, inland in New York State where hurricanes don’t happen.  But later today that rule will be shattered for the second time in recent history.  This time I am not at home with the comforts afforded to me by that position.  So it is necessary to take certain precautions.

I have three flashlights at the ready and if the power should go off and stay off long enough to deplete the batteries, I have two booklights as back-up.  But really, who likes carrying around a flashlight?  Candles are so much easier! Light a few and set them up in key locations and you’re good for hours! But that was at home.  Rumor is that in a power outage in the dorm our fire-alarms would still work and if 600 students all started burning candles we would be in severe trouble.  Nobody wants to go out into a hurricane to avoid a fire. “Out of the frying-pan and into the fire” anybody?

So flashlights and praying the batteries hold out it is! Though all is still calm here right now.  Best wishes to those of you in the eye of the storm.


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