Midnight Advice

I told myself “Tomorrow there are no classes, so I should go to bed early and wake up early to start being productive!” Instead internet, blogging, and NaNoWriMo consume my mind.  Plus I simply don’t feel tired…. 

Browsing through blogs I’ve subscribed to I came across a post about NaNo advice.  I thought it was excellent advice and thus set to thinking about what advice I would give a NaNo newcomer or even an experienced NaNo veteran.  Would my advice even be rules I can keep myself? So I’ll set a challenge for myself and anyone and everyone who wishes to join me.  The following will be a handful of rules that I’ll try to stick to from November 1st to November 30th:

1. Forgive yourself for the days you don’t hit the mark because Scary Scripting Sunday is coming.  Treat weekends as catch-up time.  Assign a day (or two) every week before the week starts on which you will go on a writing marathon.  3,000 words in one day can’t hurt… can it?

2. Swear off the netflix.  Swear off the live television shows.  Only watch the news (and really Newspaper might be a safer bet). Every minute in front of that screen could be a minute in front of a different screen.  Netflix will wait. DVR exists.  Okay, so really, I’ll just limit it to one or two per day because I’m human, but no movie marathons!!!!

3. Homework when the sun is up. NaNo when it goes down.  I need a divider and the sun has served as an excellent one for billions of people for thousands of years. Sun goes down and it’s no longer safe for CavemanJoe to go out to hunt because the beasts are prowling.  Well then that’s an excellent time to turn into a NaNo beast.

4. Do. Not. Edit. if you misspell fine, but it is not time to tweak a scene and nobody needs these sentences to be smooth and perfect yet.

5. Grin like a maniac when you tell people that you are currently doing NaNoWriMo. Really.  Don’t groan.  High morale has won many battles! I’ll get back to you on a historical example….

Now enjoy the last two days of NaNo-less freedom! Ehem, I mean try to survive the next two days before noveling heaven.


2 thoughts on “Midnight Advice

  1. Homework when the sun’s up and NaNo when it goes down – so you’re going to become some sort of NaNoVampire, then?
    Lovely post, am practicing my maniacal grin already!

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