Character Privacy

When’s the last time you read a book that followed the characters through every second without fail straight through the story?  I bet it’s hard to think of any such book.  If you have read one, was it particularly engaging? Didn’t all the useless parts of every day life get in the way?  Let’s say the author left those parts out. Then I’m willing to bet there was an air of being unrealistic.

Truthfully, the parts that writers don’t want to put in their stories and thus leave spaces in which they can be glossed over are activities of daily living that they would prefer to do alone in their own lives.  Can you imagine having an avid audience while taking your morning shower?

Now if the character is going to die while in that shower, it’s important, but mostly characters are permitted a certain level of privacy.  When’s the last time you read about a character going to the bathroom?

That’s a question I can actually answer.  In several books by Tamora Pierce I was shocked to read scenes in which the characters actually used the restroom! I enjoyed her books immensely, but those scenes struck me as odd.

So I intend on granting my characters the utmost privacy for now (unless a knife-weilding madman is hiding behind a bush next to which my main character is brushing her teeth on a camping trip).

Do you ever put your characters into situations that are generally considered very private? Had you noticed the tendency of writers to leave those parts un-said?


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