Plot, deep characters, deeper meaning; choose 2

My current story, the novel I’m writing for NaNoWriMo this year, is lacking in plot details and complexity. My inner editor tells me it’s boring and I long to switch to a story I started and never finished a year ago. But I’m not quitter and I have every intention of successfully completing my 50,000 words this month.
So I had to find a different focus to keep myself interested in what I’m writing. I’m a little out of practice, so I can use this month as an opportunity to sharpen some fiction writing skills.
I always like my characters and have a clear meaning in mind, but I have no way of knowing that my readers will feel the same. Therefore, I’m filling my story with drama between characters, building their personalities and making them relatable. Is a drama driven novel worth reading?
My characters are emotionally ripped apart by love, honor, righteousness, and death. Do those factors make the story worth reading? I personally believe the plot is still more important, but if I can learn to fit these other elements into arrow-sharp bursts throughout the story, perhaps I can make the whole thing more engaging.
Does the mention of emotional discord In the summary make you more willing to read the book? What element really draws the reader in the most?
For now romance is the lifeblood of this story, but tomorrow it could simply be the enriching spice.


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