Beginnings and Better

An hour or so ago, Thanksgiving feast finished and the holiday season officially began in the United States. Beginnings are sweet and exciting. Right now I can look forward to a month of christmas songs and cheerful “Happy Holidays!” greetings. A month from now… I might not be enjoying it quite so much as we work our way past the magic of the first snow storm.

Beginnings are sweet.  The first bite of a favorite dish is always the best. It’s the same ecstatic excitement as I start writing a new story or dive into any new project. A month ago, I started this blog… at the same time that I started a NaNoWriMo novel. I was very excited at that time.  I wrote a blog post every day and I was well ahead in my NaNoWriMo word count, but as you may have noticed my blog posts have decreased in frequency and unbeknownst to all but my family and closest friends, my current novel slowed to a halt and then made rapid backward progress.

Yet, the idea for the novel remains intact and the blog is still running. Beginnings are sweet and exciting, but being able to proceed after setbacks and after the buzz has decreased is far more rewarding.  Those projects that survive past the promising beginning are the ones that I know I will come to love.

It might be the perseverance that results in the degree of importance I come to place on a particular activity or project.  But I think it’s the standalone importance of the activity or project that sustains it past the initial stages. If something is important it will last without the simple joy of beginning and the ending won’t be just around the corner like the day a christmas tree becomes a January bonfire.



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