We’re All On Fire


This morning (yesterday morning now?), I experience the exceptionally helpless feeling of watching my toast catch fire in the toaster oven and not being able to pull it out as it burned to a crisp on the conveyer belt. At the time it was just the cherry on top of an awful dinning hall day, but later it occurred to me that it could be taken as a fantastic metaphor for some people.

The feeling of being unable to put the fire out despite it’s considerable importance, is a feeling that many people experience on a daily basis in regards to their lives. How did I get here? When did I go wrong? ImageRare is the person who doesn’t have nagging worries about things that they simply can’t control. If it’s not their entire life course, then it is the actions of somebody they care about. The fire must be doused, but how, when you simply can’t reach it. The trick is to somehow reach it. For my toast yesterday it was the simple occurrence of the cycle coming to an end, but in reality, putting the “fire” out is far more complex.

Fire is equated with destruction and pain generally. That is no surprise considering is brings both in house-fires and wildfires, destroying lives and livelihood. However, fire also brings light and early on in history, mankind’s use of it differentiated us from beasts. Perhaps the good things about fire exist only because of it’s cons. We can not be made stronger if we do not first survive the inferno and emerge victoriously from the ashes. Holding onto the toast metaphor, I did note that my toast tasted all the better when I finally succeeded, because the struggle made me long for it all the more.

So let the fires of your lives burn, and then emerge, the phoenix from the flames to claim an improved place in the world. What better lesson could a person take from blackened toast in a troubled era of war and economic recession?


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