The new and the old

And I return! I think it’s been about two months since the last time I posted or even read somebody else’s blog post, but I’ve been itching to to write recently (as if an increase in essays isn’t enough).

I’m a little belated in greeting the new year, but I think the time is ripe for a post about the new, the old, and the unfamiliar in my life and particularly at my keyboard. When I started this blog it certainly fell under the first heading, but in this new year as I make a return, I think I can realistically categorize it in the old and comfortable writing that I did last year. I also have the familiarity of fiction and essay writing at my finger-tips, but there we have my main divergence into new categories this year.

Firstly, the mundane world of essay writing presented me with a challenge last week. Image For a class I had to write a 600-700 word essay (farrrr too short) that presented facts about globalization, WITHOUT coloring it with my own opinion. Essays? Familiar. Globalization? Familiar. Not stating my opinion?! definitely new territory. It was an interesting exercise to reign in my emotions and try to write objectively. I’d like to think I succeeded, but I certainly didn’t like it. It’s nice to continue expanding my writing skills though.

In a far more interesting strain, I stumbled across a subgenre of science fiction that I had somehow failed to notice before. Steampunk fiction. It started with me rapidly reading my way through half of a steampunk novel (“Leviathan” by Scott Westerfeld), turned into a mouth-gaping internet search (it seems to have a cult following…), and finally ended with the gears of my mind turning excitedly and my fingers flying over the keyboard to write 1000 words of my first steampunk fiction.

ImageFor those of you who were in the dark like me, steampunk is a science fiction sub-genre that incorporates 20th century machines into a victorian society, sometimes bringing in elements of the supernatural. How this strange genre developed seems to be up for debate, but the result is a fascinating new area of my favorite genre for me to get lost in. I love how fiction is constantly evolving and supplying us all with the chance to enter new worlds. I’m reveling in the sense of newness, still just 35 days into the new year.

Is there anything new in fiction or in your own evolving writing skills that has caught your fascination recently? I hope so- it’s a fantastic feeling.


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