Ideas are everywhere. Some weeks I have about a million ideas. Writing ideas, things I want to research, schemes for having fun with my friends…. And then there are weeks like this one when nothing new occurs to me. One fictional idea formed a week ago, but every other idea has been older. In fact, because I have no ideas for this blog post, but I want to keep up the posting now that I’ve restarted, I will simply post about ideas.

The things that trigger ideas seem to have absolutely zero pattern to them. For me, it can be a key word or an image. Sometimes a concept, sometimes a passing phrase in conversation. Most often, I think my ideas are stimulated by things I read. The medium doesn’t matter. One book can send my searching for similar ones or incite an urge in me to pursue a new activity. A random line on the side of an internet site can fill me with questions, even after ignoring countless similar lines.

I doubt it’s the same for everybody. For me, image triggers are only occasional, but I have to believe that for some people, it plays a much bigger role. Posters, movies, magazines, television… we have constant exposure to imagery, so it makes sense that plenty of people would be moved to ideas from images.

In my opinion, this world in which we all come to ideas differently is a beautiful one. Not only the ideas are different, but the paths by which minds reach them vary. Just another dimension of mental diversity.



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