Salad; Food For Thought


Today, I was asked, “If you were in a salad, what part of the salad would you be?”

Completely caught unawares, I told the questioner, “Let’s make it a fruit salad. I’m fruit because fruit is sweet, but healthy, and I like to have fun but I try to be a good person.” Image

Still reeling from that question, I went on my way, but I still thought about how odd that question had been… and yet so apt. People really can be characterized in terms of salad. Salads are enormously diverse in their contents, just as people are diverse in not only their ethnicity, but their personalities. I think we can each assign fruits, vegetales and dressings to each of our family and friends without too much trouble. Of course they might give themselves or others different food assignments, but the point of the exercise is the same.

First, we havee the essential salad greens, our lettuce. I think the lettuce in our lives are the countless aquaintances who you know by name, but couldn’t give many details about their personal lives. There are lots of them (sometimes too many), but it’s good to have them around, because without them your social scene might be rather bereft (and your salad rather unusual looking).

Next we have my personal favorite; the carrots. These are colorful people who enrich your life (nutrients in your diet) and have deep “roots” in your life. They’re been around long enough that you don’t bother counting the years. They’re simply integral.

Another colorful bunch, are the tomatos. These people are the ones that sometimes surprize you with a vibrant taste in an otherwise bland social scene. They’re fun, but not always easy to get ahold off (ever chased one across the plate with your fork?).

And it seems that where there are tomatos, there are also cucumbers. These fellows can be seedy, but you can’t seem to let them out of your life completely because somethimes they show their value at unexpected times (a cucumber with outstanding taste because it’s fresh for once!).

A similarly doubtful group is the spinach. You aren’t so sure you like these friends at first, but they grow on you and soon they’re absolutely essential in your salad.

Now everybody loves the croutons. They aren’t for dieters, but they are exciting and rather different from the other characters in your life. They’re very individual and they play by their own rules (like refusing to get onto the fork until they’re good and ready to).

ImageLastly, we have the salad dressing. The most enjoyable part. The dressing tastes good. It doesn’t have to be healthy as long as it makes you happy. Most people shop around for a bit, but eventually they settle on their dressing and tend to get the same one every time they order a salad. If you haven’t guessed yet, this is the best friend (or maybe significant other). They’re the perfect fit.

Oh, and there are those weirdo fruits, like me!

Comment with your thoughts! Any other “types” in your salad? Disagreement with my salad analysis? Favorite ingredients?! I’m sure there are lots, but I didn’t want to make the post too long!


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