The Wandering Life

I’m a heavy packer. I always have been. Maybe it’s a learned trait, or maybe it’s an intrinsic part of who I am, but now I am gearing up to live far away from home for nearly half a year… on just 2 suitcases full of my most prized possessions. I’m home from college this week for thanksgiving, so I took the opportunity to look around my apartment and find the things that I could live for two weeks without. I was surprised at how many items fell into that category. 

Bin number 1. The items I might pack when I get ready to board the plane for France. I was very proud of myself for how carefully I selected items for this bin and at the end of the day I was only able to fill it halfway. These were after all the items that I really needed, so most of them had to stay in my apartment until the bitter end.

Bin number 2. The items that will live in my parents’ basement for the next 8 months. I don’t need these. I like these items well enough, but it doesn’t bother me to put them away for a very one period of time. Here I place duplicates and things that are simply nice, but perhaps not all that helpful or meaningful. I shocked myself when I filled this bin past overflowing. Are there really so many such items in my life? The clothes that I don’t mind saying goodbye to for so many months… the second laundry hamper that usually stays folded in a corner… even the nail polish that my life is not dependent on. We all have these items in our homes, but it’s a rare and beautiful thing to get the chance to asses what we really need. Don’t get me wrong- I’ll be quite happy to welcome these comfort items back into my life in May, or maybe not until August, but in the meantime I look forward to finding out what it’s like to live a slightly more minimalistic life. Can you pick out those items you would easily live without?

This post is very different from what I wrote in the distant past and my passion for writing remains, but the tenor of future posts will be much more closely aligned with this one. From now on this will probably look more like a travel blog.