Expecting the unexpected

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that when you travel things will go wrong. The plans are usually complex and multilevel, but then a plane is delayed, a bag is lost, or the hotel turns out to be entirely different than you expected. No matter how much you plan ahead, something can go awry… and it’s an ability to cope with that fact without getting too upset that makes a person a good traveller.

Am I a good traveller then? Maybe not yet, but it’s my number one goal to learn how to be. Right now I get caught up in the details and I want everything to go the way I intend, so I’m trying to teach myself that key ability to take a step back, take a deep breath and remind myself that one little thing is bad and the trip as a whole isn’t ruined.

Next month I’ll be traveling while still recovering from the throes of mono… So I won’t be on top of my game. I’m not happy about the illness, but I’m looking forward to the chance to be flexible about how I define something as an enjoyable trip. I’ll be completely exhausted at the end of each day and might need to nap while my classmates go out at night, but I’ll be learning patience and really appreciating the bear-bones best parts of the trip instead of the extras.

I believe that being less easily shaken up is the key to best enjoying the overall trip. Overall enjoyment is what it’s really all about because when you look back down the road it will be the trip as a whole that you remember.

Down the road I hope to take simple travel to the next level by joining the peace corps and spending 2 years living abroad in a less developed country… away from many of the creature comforts I’m used to and utterly reliant on that ability to take enjoyment in the overall experience instead of the details. Therefore, now is the time for me to learn my travel flexibility! 

So there will be delays and taxi drivers who don’t actually know where you’re going or speak a word of English, but stick with me and the trip can still be saved!


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