Why I Too Am A Traveler

This week I read an article (or maybe it was another blog) about one person’s opinion of what the phenotype of a girl who loves to travel looks like. It was an enjoyable read and carried a cute message in the end, but I ultimately found that I didn’t entirely see myself in the girl it was describing. But shouldn’t I if I too am a travelling girl?

The writer claimed that travelling girls are free spirits and easy going…. Well I’m not. I make plans like it’s my job and I love to stick to plans, uninterested in spur of the moment adventures. However, I think that makes me just as much of a travelling girl because I make my plans months in advance if possible, I plan for every pitfall, look at all of my options and then I do my very best to stick to that plan. That certainly doesn’t make me a care-free travelling girl; it makes me a travelling girl who knows what she wants and will do exactly what it takes to get herself to that place. I believe a travelling girl is a determined person.

The writer went on to suggest that a travelling girl is somebody who didn’t really follow her heart in college, so has wound up in strange jobs like teaching yoga instead of using her degree. Well I’m a travelling girl who is tapping into my love of the far corners of the world by majoring in international relations. For me, a travelling girl is a person who has found her passion and pursues it through studies as well as travel itself- being an informed traveller can be even more valuable than being a whimsical one.

A girl who travels doesn’t like money… welllll yes and no. Not valuing material things is a spot-on evaluation, but I have to acknowledge that flying accross the ocean or just flying from one end of the US to the other is insanely expensive. And then you have to pay for a place to sleep.

So I am a travelling girl. Yes I am a dreamer, but more importantly I have the determination to travel to those places I dream of. So soon I will be in Madrid because I followed my heart and my head. Also at the top of my list down the road is Machu Pichu and although it’s a distant dream now I know I have the determination to make it happen because I am a Travelling Girl.

So what do you think makes a traveller?


2 thoughts on “Why I Too Am A Traveler

  1. You sound like a travelling girl that maximizes her opportunities; extracts the most from her travelling experiences. I like your style!

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