When What’s the same… is Different


It seems that a large number of my foreign adventures revolve around food (a fact I’m not complaining about!) and so the latest story centers around the dinner table in my host’s house. I’ve now thoroughly learned not to assume that just because something has the same name, the food will be even remotely recognizable as the dish I love back in the united states. It’ll be good, but in an entirely different a surprising new way.

Tonight’s unexpected cuisine was… an OMELET. When my host said we’d be eating omelet, I pictured the folded, well cooked and often cheesy delicacy that I know from back home (and that I’m terrible at making). I couldn’t have been more wrong….

The food that my host mother scraped out of the pan was not what I call an omelet. It was a LOT less solid than I’m accustomed to and completely lacking in cheese… though what it lacked in cheese it made up for in red bell peppers and tomatoes. It’s possible that it’s just the way my host mom prepares it, but it could be the French custom!

I wound up liking it anyway- I’m finding the key to enjoying my food here is not to look for similarities to the things I recognize, but rather to simply enjoy it for what it is!


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