True Local Flavor

Travelling looks like a series of locations, doesn´t it? When we go home we post a batch of monument pictures, smiling tourist shots, and the occasional food picture on Facebook. And those are often the things we talk about when recounting our trips.

However, when you stay in one location long enough you start delving a little deeper. You take it slow and start getting to know the locals, trying to use the language, and walking down streets that have zero international recognition. I think meeting the local people is the most important element of getting to really know a place. For me in France, I´m getting a feel for how realistic the Alsacian people can be and how strongly they value family. During my current trip to France, I´m seeing how lively the people are, from waiters who are just a bit too forward to flamenco dancers that have immense pride in the dancing they do and the tradition they keep alive.

Although I visited many jaw-dropping sights yesterday, going to a Flamenco show (a true Spanish show; not the tourist version) was still the highlight of my evening. Everyone could feel the raw emotional power of both the singing and the dancing. The dancer used her whole body, moving her feet rapidly and flourishing with her hands as well as letting her face show her emotions. I´d like to think I came away from the performance with just slightly more understanding of the art of flamenco and a greatly increased appreciation of it.


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