Maybe We´ll Meet Again Someday


It´s true that I travelled a lot before this trip, but this experience has added so much more to my understanding of travel. I have learned that we travellers really are a global community. I´ve had conversations this week with people from nearly every continent on earth and asside from the occasional language blip the conversatio nhas flowed easily every time because we all recognize in each other kindred spirits. I know I sound like Anne of Green Gables by using that reference, but it´s incredibly accurate. We all want to see the world and learn by doing, so here we are in Europe, or in any hostel in the world, sharing our passion with those near us and with a worldwide network of thousands, maybe millions of other like-minded people.

My first night I bonded with an Austrial girl, two nights ago I learned a little latino dancing from a Columbian guy, and last night I sat in the common area chatting with two Argentinians and three Canadians. Now we´re all taking off in opposite directions, but we experienced enough imediate connectio nthat we all exchanged facebook information and if we all keep travelling maybe we´ll meet again. I certainly hope we´ll meet again. I´d love to show off my corner of the United States to a person who will enjoy it for the culture, or visit Buenos Aires and experience that parts of the city that the locals love.

Hopefully as I continue to travel my network of backpackers will continue to grow, whether I travel alone again or with a companion who likes this community just as much as me. Maybe one day I´ll even travel with somebody I meet on the road!


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